My name is Mahmoud Hassan, 24 years old, Graduated from faculty of Electronics & Communication Engineering and I work as a graphic designer.

My favorite hobby since childhood is drawing, and I always love to be different and unique by doing things that never been done before by anyone. I’ve always wanted my work to be very special and remarkable so people can recognize it in no time.

One of my biggest goals was to see my work on billboards everywhere. But unfortunately It wasn’t that easy to achieve that goal, So working harder on myself was my one and only way. I gained massive experience by self-learning, even without internet! Proudly after two years of hard work I made it and I saw my own designs on billboards everywhere.

I had a turning point in my life, it was because of a very dear friend; Amr Hassan. Amr is a theater director, and he is the artistic representative of the ministry of social solidarity for addiction control and treatment fund; “You are stronger than drugs” Campaign. Also worked on plays’ posters; my very first poster was for a play called “Zahran’s wedding night”. Amr believed in me and my talent, and that was a source of inspiration to me that “I CAN”.

At 2016, I started a very small project just to learn printing through it and every single detail related to it.

Then I decided to explore the online world just as I did in the offline. At 2017, I started to work in a Digital Marketing Agency; and worked on Social Media designs for many different accounts in different industries. Working and exploring in digital marketing was a gate for me to be always updated with latest trends and every new in my field.

Now, I work at Saudi Digital Marketing Agency since 2019, and working their gives me the opportunity to work with many famous accounts in Saudi Arabia.


Proudly served this lovely brands